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Lummy has successfully passed final national special project measurement
Date:2016-03-31 16:17 | Click rate:1252

 On March 18th, Chongqing Nan'an District Development and Reform Commission, Nan'an Economic and Informatization Commission, Nanan District Finance Bureau and pharmaceutical experts comprehensively examined our construction projects “anti-infective and specialized drug formulations industrialized production base”.

The experts group had been told the progress of the project, the use of funds and the project completion audit report. They randomly checked the construction information of this project, inspected the project site and conducted some questions on the related issues. Finally, they agreed that this project was qualified to pass the examination.

The construction progress was completed by our united staffs under the strong guidance and support from Chongqing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Committee, Environmental Protection Agency, Work Safety Department, Fire Department, Nan’an District and Economic Development District. The vigorous cooperation with Chayuan Pharmaceutical Plant also contributed to the success of the project. Meanwhile, the leading technologies, preparative technique of nanoparticle suspension injection and isolated closed filling line system, was applied in this production line. It helped solve a plagued traditional technical problem, the sterile quality and the amount of visible foreign matters was hard to control at high levels due to environmental exposure. Therefore, this system significantly improved the quality of drugs, so that the quality of medicines reached the level of developed European countries and satisfied all requirements of the industrial revitalization as well as the transformation of special investment project completion.

The project will achieve sales income of 280.34 million yuan and the new sales profit will be 39.08 million yuan when it’s finished, which will make contribution to building Chongqing’s 100 billion yuan-pharmaceutical pillar industries and reaching a 100 billion yuan- output value in 2017 from pharmaceutical industry.

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