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Lummy Technology Center was awarded the "Workers Pioneer" honorary title
Date:2016-04-28 09:24 | Click rate:764

 A art show was organized by Chongqing Nan'an District Federation of Trade Unions on April 28th to celebrate the international Labor’s Day. At the show, Chongqing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions awarded the "workers Pioneer, 2016" title to Lummy Pharmaceutical Technology Center and "women's pacesetter" title to QC.

The "workers Pioneer”, which is set by All-China Federation of Trade Unions, is an honorary title rewarding activities for creation of first-class work, service, performance and team. The aim is to inspire the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff, enhance their sense of mission and responsibility, inspire the workers to improve their learning ability and innovation ability and constantly enhance their initiative, creativity and development of advanced nature.

Over the years, this honor is only awarded to those great teams with high responsibility and sense of mission. Those teams have a foot on their own work and they are innovative, performing well and making outstanding contributions in respects of economy, policy and culture. This honor awarding to our technology center is not only a confirmation of our innovative work, but also a great encouragement to development.

In the future, Lummy will continue enhance the investment in technological innovation and keep making explorations based on strong R&D strength, in the aim of making contributions for the development of pharmaceutical industry and the “healthy China” purpose. 

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