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Stepping into the quality age, building a quality enterprise
Date:2016-07-04 09:26 | Click rate:978

 Recently, the “Quality Month” activities, in the theme of “using high quality to build fame”, were organized in the full range of the company-wide and will continue for a month.

It is required that all the units and departments should highly emphasize this “Quality Month” activity, strengthen the organization and ensure full implementation. It is also important to make good preparation and plan, the contents of the activities should be dynamic as well. In the course of activities, all units and departments should fully carry out publicity work that promoting the characteristic and innovative activities in a variety of ways and create a good atmosphere for the activities.

It is stressed that during the activity timeframe, all the units and departments should implement the responsibility to avoid all the activities being mere formality. All the units themselves ought to conduct a comprehensive quality self-examination and enhance the execution of pharmaceutical laws/regulations and technical standards, to make sure the "Quality Month" activities will be carried out in an orderly, vivid, colorful and fruitful manner.

In order to ensure the quality of "Quality Month" activities, our company set up a special leading group leaded by our general manager to supervise the entire process of the event. At the end of the event, the units and departments who have an outstanding performant will be awarded.

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