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Guarded carefully and build dreams with love
Date:2016-09-27 09:28 | Click rate:945

 Lummy united Chongqing Dade Charitable Foundations launched the second season of “Lummy Public Welfare” activity on Sept. 25th. Our volunteers presented books, stationaries and school bags to the children from 20 poor families with blessing of love and warmth.

This time, Lummy volunteers visited the children from poor families in Yuantong village. Our group acquired the detailed information of each child’s studying and living condition and encourage them to have faith and study hard. Those children were deeply grateful to our volunteers as well as all the kind people who helped and supported them. They indicated that they will study harder and acquire good results to show their respect to all the kind help and make contributions to our society when they grow up.

At the same time, we hope that more enterprises and individuals could show some concern to the poor children with your kind help and support. Thus would helping them grow up healthily and finish their study successfully so that they could become useful only to our country and society in the future. Therefore, please show your love and do some efforts to help all the poor children, making them a bright future!

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