Digestive System Agents
NAME:Esomeprazole Details
Trade Name:Laimei Shu Type:20mg;40mg
Approval No.:GUOYAOZHUNZI H20130050;GUOYAOZHUNZI H20130051
Package:7tablets/Bag 160bags/box ;14tablets/Bag 160bags/box ;7tablets/Bag 160bags/box ;14tablets/Bag 160bags/box ;
Sales Price(Yuan):88.00Yuan/Bag
CHARACTERISTIC:  New generation of proton pump inhibitor, National fourth new drug, Healthy Insurance B group. Laimei Shu is faster, longer and more stable than other PPI to control gastric acid and high Hp elimination rate, better for Acid related disease. (One of China Top 10 Prescription Drug in 2013).
NAME:Omeprazole Sodium Injection Details
Trade Name:Jingzhumeixin
Approval No.:GUOYAOZHUNZI H20058491
Package:10Bottles/Bag 600Bottles/Unit
Sales Price(Yuan):63.70


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