Tumor Drug
NAME:Carbon Nanoparticles Suspension Injection Details
Trade Name:Kanalin Type:1ml:50mg,0.5ml:25mg
Approval No.:GUOYAOZHUNZI H20041829,GUOYAOZHUNZI H20073246
Package:1piece/bag 5pieces/box ,1piece/bag 5pieces/box
Sales Price(Yuan):3179.00,1870.00 
CHARACTERISTIC:  Sole lymph tracer approved from SFDA. Have good lymph tropism. After injection into partial tissue, It will be absorbed by lymph system quickly, which will enter into partial lymph pipe network and lymph gland, blood pipe no absorbed. It will black the lymph pipe network and lymph gland, which can be used as lymph tracer. It can be used as drug carrier, which carrier drug into lymph system, and then, it can be noted to treat lymph. It is easy and safe to be used during operation and before operation.
NAME:Fludarabine Phosphate for Injection(Insurance B 432) Details
Trade Name:Laifule Type:50mg
Approval No.:GUOYAOZHUNZI H20059418
Package:1Bottle/Bag 30Bottles/Box
Sales Price(Yuan):1840.00  
NAME:Formestane for Injection Details
Trade Name:-- Type:250mg
Approval No.:GUOYAOZHUNZI H20083656
Package:1Bottle/Bag 30Bottles/Box
Sales Price(Yuan):626.00  
NAME:Paclitaxel Injection(Insurance B 462) Details
Trade Name:Jingzhuzishan Type:5ml:30mg
Approval No.:GUOYAOZHUNZI H20054814
Package:1Bottle/Bag 40Bottles/Bag
Sales Price(Yuan):555.00  
NAME:Sodium Demethylcantharidate for Injection Details
Trade Name:―― Type:10mg
Approval No.:GUOYAOZHUNZI H20061031
Package:1Bottle/Bag 600Bottles/Box
Sales Price(Yuan):68.20  
NAME:Ramosetron Hydrochloride Injection Details
Trade Name:Laiouning Type:2ml;0.3mg
Approval No.:GUOYAOZHUNZI H20055202
Package:1Piece/Bag 300Pieces/Box
Sales Price(Yuan):132.00  
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