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Utilins as to promote immunotherapy for Chronic Respiratory Diseases
Date:2015-11-26 14:19 | Click rate:1245

 The 2nd Chronic Respiratory Diseases Seminar was held in Beijing on Oct 14 18. Lummys blockbuster product-Utilins was showed during the meeting. Based on the topic ofCOPD and immunotherapy, Prof. Lin from China-Japan Friendship Hospital had a speech on the seminar. He considered immunotherapy as a new way for chronic respiratory diseases. He said Utilins as an immunomodulator will reduce the frequency and severity of acute exacerbation in COPD. In addition, Prof. Bai from Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University summarized that immunotherapy will bring benefits to patients with chronic respiratory diseases and he suggested using immunotherapy for COPD patients. Generally, Utilins received positive feedback for good efficacy by many experts. We look forward to the rapid development of Utilins as to promote immunotherapy for chronic respiratory diseases.

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