Company Concept
Company Spirit——United Strive,Realistic Innovate, Advanced with the Times.
Have responsibility, cohesion, transcendence to unite and strive for Lummy enterprise. Actual effective for management innovation, sales marketing innovation and sales strategy innovation, Keep pace with the Times, running for more high, more powerful, more strong and sustainable goals. All are our team’s spiritual pillar.
Business Concept——Create customer value, create valuable customer.
Besides providing high-quality product, we will satisfy customer’ requirement from mentality and culture side, prolonging customer’s value, and winning more and more high quality customer with our honest and reliable service, which will form a virtuous circle and build up customer’s value platform.
Company Vision——High quality and effective, dedicate into Pharmaceuticals.
Explore with and provide high quality products, continuously create more and more social effect and economic effect. Contribute for social pharmaceutical development. Set up excellent platform for talent value orientation. All are our forever in faith concept.
Service Concept——Honored Morality and Honesty, Love in mind, specialty considerate.
We propose for “Honored Morality and Honesty, Love in mind, specialty considerate” service actively. Honored Morality and Honesty——We request our talent have hi-quality, good culture and morality, to be honesty. When we introduce our product, we promise “Three No”: No Overstate;No Fake;No Hide. We honored to reality, honestly running business and honestly to be person. Honor morality is our company talent principle. Honesty is our company business basis.
Love customer in mind to run business
We always love our customer in mind, provide full solution for our customers. Concentrate to pharmaceutical development. Running business in mind, communicate with in mind and service in mind. Dedicated into Specialty and Thoughtful Service——We have professional sales team and professional sales service, which dedicated into Lummy enterprise and customer requirement. All of our products have strictly management and thoughtful service from purchase material, check into warehouse, delivery product, sales and after-service.
Sales Networks