R&D Achievement
Up on from the R&D center setting up, we carried out 2 projects from Ministry of Scientific and Technology Torch Plan, and we carried out 12 projects from Chongqing government.
We have Vertical flow and full sterility joint technology, which were handover 15 patent application, with 14 invention patents. We were authorized 2 invention patent and 1 National Development and Reform Commission industrial structure adjustment patent.
We have Fruit Carrier Technology, which was authorized 7 invention patent , handover 2 PCT patent applications and 1 National Ministry of Science and Technology intensive new drug creative patent. 
We have transfusion mixing drug technology, which were handover 232 patent applications, with 4 PCT applications, 41 invention patent applications, 172 applications were authorized effective patent, which have 13 invention patent.
Our core Intellectual Property includes 336 effective patent applications, which has 114 invention patents. We have 6 PCT applications, which have 2 applications entering American, Europe, Japan, Canada market. We are authorized 247 effective patents, which have 53 invention patents, 121 registration brand. Our Logo is Chongqing well-known brand.
We have handover 236 drug registration applications into National Drug Registration Office. We get 96 drug registration certificates, which have 57 new drug registration certificates.
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