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Lummy won the top 50 Chinese Medicine Research And Development brand of 2016
Date:2016-09-29 09:29 | Click rate:1359

 With the conduction of China Pharmaceutical University, Contemporary Chinese Medicine Research Center and Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the host of Yaozh Elite Club and the organizer of Yaozh Networks, “2016 China Pharmaceutical Research and Innovation Summit, namely top 100 pharmaceutical R & D strength enterprise conference” was held in Chongqing Yinxin Century Hotel on Sept. 24th. Lummy and Taiji were selected within top 50 of “2016 Chinese drug R & D brand list”.

All the enterprises on the top 100 list are outstanding in new drug R & D and have significant influence in the pharmaceutical industry. New drug R & D has become the focus of attention and life-line of pharmaceutical companies nowadays since sales-driven transferring to R & D-driven has become the trend. Therefore, this ranking list has important significance.

Yu Mingde, the China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Management Association honorary chairman, stated that this list is achieved based on a comprehensive evaluation of the new drug acceptance and approval as well as R & D investment in last year. All the data is verifiable and the list is obtained from a trustable third party. Therefore, it could clearly indicate the R & D result and ability of innovation of each listed enterprises.

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