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A product with 240 patents
Date:2017-03-27 09:56 | Click rate:1136

 Chongqing Daily, March 21st, 4th edition reported


you think there is no technical content with A small drug mixer,? wrong! Chongqing Lummy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Limei Pharmaceutical) developed a new generation of drug mixer achieved nearly 240 patents before appearing on the market, in addition to dozens of patents are being applied.

Why did we apply such many patents?

"With these patents, the product is much more competitive." Lummy Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Manager Zhang Yun said in an interview on March 20th. It is expected that after the second half year of being marketed, the sales of drug mixer in this year can reach to more than 100 million units. In his view, the patent analysis provides guidance for product research and development, developing while layout of patents to "enclosure" is the secret of Lummy Pharmaceutical.

Patents provides full protection coverage for the drug mixer and its production line

In 2010, Lummy Pharmaceutical acquired a Hunan infusion bag manufacturing plant, at the same time, we found that the existing infusion bag had security risks.

"When nurses mix the medicine for patients, they usually inject saline into the drug first, when the mixture is completed then injected into the infusion bag." Zhangyun said, “this way will allow drugs to contact the air, which may cause drug contamination. So, why should we develop a sealed mixer?”

In 2011, the Beijing National Patent Police Advisory Center helped Lummy Pharmaceutical search and analysis more than 2,000 Chinese and foreign literature, found that puncture type mixing device is a research and development direction.

"We put the mixing device into the infusion soft bag as a part of it." Zhang Yun introduced, “infusion of the soft bag on the interface is connected to a cup and the puncture needle is set in the cup, it is safe and pollution-free after dry heat sterilization. This mixer has more advantages in the first aid and field rescue.”

In 2015, the mixer was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration. Prior to this, Lummy Pharmaceutical not only completed the design of the mixture and formed four series of drug mixer products as well as the corresponding production line design, but also applied corresponding patents to achieve a protection of full coverage for the drug mixer and its production line, namely a total of nearly 300 patent applications and near 240 of them were authorized.

More than one million yuan patent fees every year

From its foundation in 1999, Lummy Pharmaceutical attached great importance to intellectual property rights. On this basis, we focused on our own characteristics of the specialist drugs through innovation. To this end, we spent 10% of annual sales revenue into research and development, of which more than one million yuan of the cost is for patent services.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization statistics, more than 90% of the world's latest technical information are first reflected through the patent. Effective use of patents can shorten the development cycle of 60% and save 40% of the cost.

Statistics show that about 1/3 of our R & D spending is a waste of repeating work. "In the research and development process, we also pay special attention to the patent layout. We are building a 'patent pool' while doing the research and development." he said. Up to now, Lummy has applied for nearly 400 patents, of which more than 1/3 are invention patents with 61 authorized ones and 11 international applications. At the same time, Lai Mei Pharmaceutical has developed into a market value of more than 10 billion yuan of listed companies.

Set up the biomedical industry intellectual property operation fund

Based on the establishment of specialized intellectual property management departments and the construction of a platform of intellectual property management system, Lummy Pharmaceutical has also formed a four-in-one innovative service system for patent search analysis, R & D positioning, patent mining and patent distribution.

Last year in July, with the support of the Municipal Intellectual Property Office, Lummy Pharmaceutical approved the formation of the National Biomedical Industry Intellectual Property Operations (Chongqing) Fund to further tap and release the great value of patents.

"The fund provides services to good technology for the global biomedical industry carrying out intellectual property, including patent applications, patent licensing, patent transfer, technology mergers and acquisitions, etc." Zhang told reporters. The initial size of the fund 300 million yuan, of which the national finance Support 40 million yuan, municipal finance supporting 50 million yuan.

According to reports, the set up and official operation of this fund will be completed recently. It will pre-focus on biomedical and large health industry and there are several projects have been listed as key follow-up. Zhang Yun believes that the establishment of the intellectual property operation fund can not only provide intellectual property services to make patent protection and application to a higher level, but also to connect the participants, to promote universities, research institutions, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, fund management and investment institutions collaborative innovation.

In the future, the fund will fulfill the leverage effect, leveraging more social capital to participate in, to promote the transformation of results as well as the incubation of small and medium enterprises.

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