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There is always a spirit that inspires us to move forward
Date:2017-04-13 09:57 | Click rate:1127

 March 27th, Monday, morning.

Most of the staffs came to their own positions as early as usual to begin a day of intense and busy work.

8:40, suddenly, the electricity stopped. The staffs from equipment power unit, Chai Yuanbing and Hu Zeyong, immediately checked the company line. They noticed it’s the non-company power support failure and immediately reported to the department manager Zhang Xiaoqiang.

Manager Zhang immediately telephoned Jinniu District power supply and had been told that sending-power branch burst.

In order to restore the normal order of production as soon as possible, vice-general manager Wu immediately got in touch with general manager Hu who was travelling outside. Hu was very anxious, after confirming the branch could no longer be repaired, he decided to replace the equipment without hesitation. Followed by the multi-inquiry of the branch, bargaining and all finalized, he notice Jinniu District Power Supply Bureau, the other said they will repair the installation on March 29th. If so, production can’t resume before Thursday or Friday.

In order to ensure the successful completion of the production plan in 2017, Hu instructed again far away from the province that in any case that the production must be resumed in the shortest possible time!

Wu and Zhang then began to pursuit the Jinniu District Power Supply Bureau and finally they agreed to start repair tomorrow.

Starting from 8 am, 28th, Wu, Zhang and Hu Zeyong had been sticking to post supervision and assisting the Jinniu District Power Supply Bureau repair. At 7 pm, the splitter replacement was complete, they are all relieved. Next, in order to ensure safety, Zhang and Hu re-checked the pre-power line finding that the circuit phase sequence is wrong, so they maintain the circuit again.

When thoroughly and safely accessed to electricity eventually, the company's machine finally re-started operation and it was already 8:30 pm. Although tired of the day, but everyone's face is full of joy and satisfaction with the smile.

Our security personnel strengthened the patrol with flashlight in hands to ensure the safety of the company's property in the 27th night when lacking electricity. They are like the colleagues from equipment power department who showing extraordinary spirit in the ordinary workplace.

The "love, dedication" in our entrepreneurial spirit has been shown incisively from them, they are loyalty practitioners and successors of corporate culture.

There is always a spirit that will make us moved, a spirit to support our forward, a culture of our enduring.

Winter chill has not yet faded, this love and dedication as well as the willing to sacrifice moved us like the spring breeze, as if refreshing our gradually dried mind.

I hope we could always keep this solidarity and courage and struggle to face any attack constantly in this fierce-competition market!

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